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Time Rivestimenti

Time Rivestimenti has been providing innovative solutions for a full range of renovation, finishes and decorating projects since 1970. With over 40 years of quality service, Time Rivestimenti is a Pescara based leading company in the construction industry.

We help homeowners and commercial clients to get the most out of their buildings by providing a full complement of interior and exterior remodeling and improvement services. Time Rivestimenti is specialized in interior and exterior finishes, turnkey renovation projects, installation of electrical and hydraulic systems and sport facilities, custom interior design, restoration and reconditioning projects, varnishing in civil and industrial applications, false ceilings and drywall, earthquake resistant reinforcing structures, waterproofing and insulations, wooden roofs and other structures, urban furniture and accessories, and much more.

Time Rivestimenti is proud to offer you professionalism, ideas and experience in all aspects of construction and building improvement along with a highly trained and qualified team that will satisfy all your needs. Functionality, keen sense of style, and expert craftsmanship all combined are part of our core business values. In each project we are completely focused on customer satisfaction. You can count on quality work accomplished on time and on budget without sacrificing accuracy or details. Our operational flexibility, skills and competence developed during this 40 years allow us to meet the most demanding and diverse customer demands, satisfying them promptly and thoroughly.




Turnkey solutions for interior and exterior, commercial, industrial and sports facilities.

• Consulting and free estimates services.

• Quality 3D rendering services.

Cutting and loading of heavy materials.

• Operations of creation, installation and maintenance of various systems and devices (e.g., heating systems, electrical systems, plumbing and drainage systems, gas distribution plants).

• Customization for all required products.

• Freight transportation and installation services available in Italy and European countries.

• Online selling out of in-stock items.

• Continued research and development of new technologies to improve our works and products and increase our customer satisfaction.




Floor and wall tiles Rubber linoleum and PVC flooring (i.e., sustainable rubber flooring for healthcare facilities). Flooring specially designed for work safety requirements.

Traditional wood flooring, pre-varnished flooring, floating flooring, WPC flooring and custom inlaid flooring.

Melamine laminate parquets for civil and sport uses.

Cement or resin based flooring and coating system.

Urban and outdoor furniture and accesories.

Artificial grass lawns and synthetic turf sport fields applications.

False ceilings and drywall made from different materials including: mineral fiber, aluminium, PVC sheets, wood, abs honeycomb panels, ceilings. Ideal for soundproofing and thermal insulation

Adhesives, sealants and other building chemicals.

Paint color mixing system, thermal insulating varnishes, anti-condensation varnishes, sound insulation varnishes, anti-mould paint (fungicidal additive) for food handling establishments (e.g., schools and hospitals), interior and exterior varnishes, calcimine, acrylic, silicate mineral and hydrated silica varnishes for domestic and industrial applications.

Sanitary systems and bathroom furniture: shower stalls, bathtubs & hot tubes, saunas, spa accesories, taps and faucets, bathroom fixtures and technical equipment for disabled.

Energy saving window films which improves window insulating performance in civil and industrial interiors. Designed and manufactured PMMA, trespex, perspex, lucite, plexiglass, acryvil, perclax, oroglass, vitroflex, limacryl and resartglass products.

Furniture and décor, interior and exterior design items made from any materials.

Movable acoustic walls and sliding folding partitions. All systems may be equipped according to your needs.

Particle board, plywood, cement-bonded wood fiber, inert material raised flooring with steel support structures ideal for areas subjected to particular loads.

Building materials and equipments, baseboards, skirting boards, concave mouldings, finishing profiles, expansion joints, flooring and covering installation tools.

Insulation materials: glass wool, stone wool, waterproofing membrane, expanded PVC. Acoustic and thermal insulation with extremely high moisture barrier properties.

Wallpapers, fabrics, vinyl wallcovering with or without the application of a permanent stain repellent, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment.

Window coverings: interior and exterior window curtains, blinds and shades, pergolas, vertical, pleated, Venetian blinds. All blinds can be motorized.

Upholstering furniture: fabrics for upholstery, sofa cover sets and bed cover sets.

Office furniture and furnishings, complete office workstations, adaptable desks and tables, conference tables and executive desks. Chairs, armchairs and sofas, desks and adaptable tables, modular seating systems with welded steel net support structure. Auditorium chairs and commercial folding partitions. Standard and made-to-measure wood and metal radiator covers.

Contemporary and traditional doors, design doors, reinforced doors, custom interior and exterior doors and custom window frame.

Internal or external corner protection angles and trims for use in civil and sports buildings.

Equipment and furniture for healthcare infrastructures (hospitals, private clinics).